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Webdesigner, student, excited with Firefox running under ReactOS, interested in NT architecture, ReactOS design, UI, but have no experience and knowledge of C/C++ programming, so just looking around and testing some apps...


  • complete the Czech translation of ReactOS
  • think about merging LiveCD and BootCD to make hybrid of those
  • check uniformisation of ReactOS dialogs (maybe they all have the standard look and feel, but I want to check it to be sure) - i like those standard dialog applications MSI produces (blue in the left side, simple design, very usable IMHO)
  • try to suggest lightweighting Explorer toolbars, because it has too many functions that are not useful and somebody can lost there (ReactOS shell should be very simple, i like the idea of Nautilus in GNOME, but this one is going to be a fat pig in the neariest future, if it is not now :-) or ROX-filer - simple, clean design, fast and drag&drop based - ReactOS can inspire here)
  • try to not talk too much about GUI ;-) and actually do something useful

Merging LiveCD with BootCD

I have this dream: :-)

  • The LiveBootCD would have Freeloader where can one choose from these options:
    • Boot ReactOS to graphical shell
      • it will boot up normally like LiveCD now
      • it will then show up one dialog with text like this one: if you want to install ReactOS now, click here. If you want just use the system exit this dialog by clicking here and you can still install ReactOS to your hard drive later with clicking on the Install ReactOS icon on the desktop)
      • it will have the Install ReactOS icon on the desktop
      • Install ReactOS could be MSI-like GUI installer
    • Boot ReactOS to text console
      • there would be console based setup and console repair utils, like win2k has
      • i think about having modified first stage setup or have standard CUI program here


  • I don't know why and how is done first stage setup now, but it always was useless step for me. Just spend some time to do nothing (actually, copy the GUI to HDD and restart to boot from HDD, but why?). Maybe first stage setup is very old part of ReactOS and HAS its place here, I don't know, I have tracked this project from 2004.
  • Freeloader can have labels for each of the option like: Boot ReactOS to graphical shell - "The system will boot up to grahical user interface, where you can use keyboard and mouse, use the system or install it locally on your harddisk" and something like that for console boot...

Useful links

ROX-filer - there are some screenshots