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By Petr Akhlamov

Samba is an alternative implementation of SMB. It gives access to network disks and printers on various operating systems by protocol SMB/CIFS. ReactOS doesn't have a built-in client. But, you can use third party client Samba/Samba-TNG.


Originally, in ReactOS it was planned to use Samba-TNG (fork), unlike Samba separates every service to separate application. But, at this moment, project is abandoned. Last release was in 2009. Copy exists on


In February 2017, for MS Word 2010 support, for temporary implementation of NTLM Hermes Belusca chose Samba 3.0.23 and uploaded it to trunk of ReactOS. But, despite what its primary goal - NTLM for Word 2010, its original functions can be run.

Using Samba

In this, example Windows Server 2003 and Build of Samba for ReactOS were used. Windows Server 2003 and ReactOS was installed to virtual machines and united to network.

Server setting

IP setting


Set, approximately, next IP:


Enable Guest account

In order to connect ReactOS to resource without password on the server, enabling guest account is needed. For that:

  1. Open "Control panel"
  2. Choose "User Accounts"
  3. Choose user "Guest"
  4. Uncheck the checkbox "Account is disabled"

Creating folder

  1. Create a folder, which will be shared (For example, C:\Documents and Settings\Petr\My Documents\Public)
  2. In folder properties, in tab "Security", add user "Guest"
  3. Share folder. My computer> RMC> Manage> Shared Folders> Shares
  4. RMC> New Share

In the master select a directory for shared folder. In permissions choose: "Administrators have full access; other users have read and write access".

You can change permissions later in folder properties, on Security tab. (need change at user Guest).

Disable check SMB-packages signature


In order to get access for ReactOS to SMB-resource, disable a parameter in registry called RequireSecuritySignature is nedded. That will make server less safely, but give ReactOS access to it.

Address of key: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameters\RequireSecuritySignature[1]

Using client

Installation of Samba

Download and install Samba to C:\Program Files\Samba (You must pre-create the folder)

IP setting


Set, approximately, next IP:


Connect to resource


Open command line and enter:

smbclient \\\Public

Leave the password blank.

For using Samba read the link "Using SmbClient".

Cyrillic support

Default, client does not display files on Russian. But, after two steps you can get support of Cyrillic in the client (but not fully - the client itself don't support input and output of Russian).

  • In the file dir-with-app\lib\smb.conf, after parameter workgroup, add next string:
display charset = ASCII
  • In control panel, in applet "Command line", in combobox "Codepage", choose "ANSI-1251-cyrillic"