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I have a lot of ideas regarding UI extension for ReactOS and they float around my head often. Time to write them down. Please don't edit any content, only formatting, formulation, etc. For submitting your own brainstorms or suggestions, use the talk pages or create new wiki pages and link to them from here. I'll revert anything else that is not mine.

Some general schtuff:

The Win-key/Logo-key/Start-key should really be referred to as System-key. I'll refer to it as "System key" or "Sys" from now on. On PowerPC systems, the Sys key is the little apple logo, and on x86, it's the windows logo. I'm amazed I haven't seen keyboard manufacturers replace the label print on the darn thing with something more generic by now. The reason why this is important is that the sys key is never used by 3rd party applications, and we can use it for all kinds of neat UI interaction with ReactOS.

Virtual Desktops