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A brief introduction for the curious

I'm a software developer and systems architect, retired early after an intense career (working 15 hour days on end).
I'm also a life-long musician and photographer, though that career had to be abandoned
since I got engulfed in the computer sector (mostly for economic reasons).

My life began in Stockholm, Sweden, though I now live in north-eastern Thailand.

My experience spans from hardware design and BIOS development, through DOS drivers and hardware quality assurance
utilities in the early PC era, to Win32 applications and services, database frameworks, application frameworks,
MIDI and digital audio programming, and Windows device drivers (mostly ACM drivers and the like).
(I know how to write proper kernel mode drivers, though I wouldn't consider that my true forte).

My development work is generally done in C/C++ and Intel assembly.
I never touch MFC or .NET -- I have my own frameworks, which I like much better.

I stumbled on to ReactOS in 2009 and immediately got very interested.
It's been a long-time wish of mine to create a free and open alternative to Windows.
I created a preemptive scheduler for DOS programs a long time ago, but never had time to go further.
Now I hope to be able to utilize my skills in helping to develop this system,
even though real life keeps me tied down with all sorts of tedious interruptions,
and my coding style is quite different than the style seen in the sources.

I have great hopes for this project - I'm glad I found it.

To find out what I'm currently working on, go to the end of the Discussion tab.