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About ME

Hi, my name is Mário Kačmár (without diacritic marks: Mario Kacmar). I'm from Slovakia and I translate the ReactOS to Slovak language and there is nothing more what to say ;-)

IRC nickname: Kario or ChiKario
User name: Kario
Real name: Mário Kačmár
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Nationality: Slovak
Country: Slovakia
Location: near Trebišov
E-mail (e.g.): kario @ szm . sk
2nd e-mail : mail2kario @ gmail . com
ICQ number: somebody know, somebody doesn't :-)
Facebook :

Joined in: approx. since summer 2007
1st commited patch: r27544
My first commit: don't have access account now :-(
Reported errors/bugs: see Bugzilla


If you want donate me, contact me ;-)

I accept e.g.:

  • money
  • hardware
  • webhosting
  • no more lovely girls :-D (I am just married <3)

I deny e.g.:

  • spam
  • virus
  • anthrax
  • mail bombing