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Name: Jan Blomqvist Kinander

IRC-Nick: JaixBly

RosCMS-Nick: Jaix

Country: Sweden


  • jaixbly[at]spray[dot ]se

Story: Well, I started to fiddle with computers back in 1978 when my parents attended their first computer course on the Commodore Vic20, we didn't have any games so we had to retype them from list printings in a Basic coding manual. After that I kept working with ABC806 and ABC80 still coding basic. Soon those computers were followed by Jet Data CP/M machine, Commodore C128, Commodore Amiga 500 and a huge lot of PC computers that I most often build myself. I have always worked with MS Windows since 2.x but had my eyes on Linux but never actually worked with it because all softwares I used were only precent on Windows. I studdied Mechanical Engineering, so I left computing for real hardware and oil but returned to computing when I started to work after the university. Now I am technical manager on the company I work for and it involves a lot computer oriented stuff to keep the network up and running. I am not a coder but more a system maintainer (between all development, drawing and modelling work) even though I have coded in the past (Basic, Comal, Pascal and a little C plus some PLC programming).