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Various Testing done by Gamax92

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed
Failed Fails to work or crashes ReactOS
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality


Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Akelpad 4.8.2 (x86) Works Works MultiWindow mode: When switching tabs Edit control no longer renders, use Pseudo MultiWindow mode.
DosBox 0.74 - Repository Works Works Application draws on top of everything. Would not download from repository.
Explorer++ Works Run w/o result Application uses unreadable font, no icons for files.
Pale Moon web-installer Run w/o result Not tested Installer's buttons are full dark grey with random pieces of text showing. Complains about OLE errors.
Volume2 Failed Failed Installer doesn't do anything. Portable version slowed ReactOS to a crawl. - Ended up corrupting registry.
Vu-Bar Works Works Slot does not work, just shows a grey-green box. Window tends to get stuck to mouse.
XMPlay N/A Failed Doesn't boot (I had it working, but on a fresh reinstall it now doesn't want to work. Before only playlist window shows up.)
AutoHotkey_L Installer Failed Not tested Installer cannot initialize and instead asks you where to place the program files. AHK is hard to test properly.
AutoHotkey_L AU3_Spy.exe N/A Works
AutoHotkey_L N/A Works Scripts run and exit correctly, Icon shows up in taskbar when program runs.
AutoHotkey_L Compiler N/A Works Produces working files. Logo has incorrect background.
Dexpot 1.6 Works Failed Crashes reactos HARD. (Who'd run this, ReactOS has its own virtual desktops.)

Number of times ReactOS was reinstalled because software rendered it useless: 3

Various stuff

Corrupted Registry. Reinstalled. VBox Guest Additions crashed it. Reinstalled. Audio drivers didn't work. Reinstalled.