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George Bișoc
Github Nickname GeoB99
IRC nickname Fraizeraust
Location Italy
E-Mail george.bisocКльомба
Homepage GeoB99's Homepage


I'm a 21 years old guy who goes by the nickname as GeoB99 around the Internet (formerly I was known as Fraizeraust). I was born in Romania in 1999 and in 2012 I moved to Italy with my family. My main area of interests and hobbies are coding, electronics, IT, listening to music and whatnot.

How I joined the ReactOS project

I discovered the ReactOS project back in 2016 thanks to a very old article regarding 10 top operating systems that aren't based on Linux (unfortunately I do not have the link of it anymore, sorry) which mentioned the word "ReactOS". By the end of 2016 I watched some videos of druaga1 trying to install ReactOS on real hardware which sparked my curiosity to join the project and by the beginning of 2017 I registered my account to ReactOS Web platform.

ReactOS Work

By the end of 2017 I set up my GitHub profile and started contributing for the project for the first time. Initially I mainly contributed translating parts of built-in software and modules both in Romanian and Italian. Afterwards, I began learning C and the Windows API as well as studying niches here and there about how Windows works internally. I've been contributing with patches for the On-Screen Keyboard software of ReactOS as well as developing a small built-in application for the project, the Accessibility Utility Manager.

Currently I don't have a specific position, I usually contribute with code on whatever area or field of the project I'm interested in. I do also fix bugs in the OS (and I also create them, haha). As non-official work I personally host this website with documentations regarding the Windows internals.

Professional Work/Skills

I studied automotive mechanic as a trade for 5 years in a high trade school and worked as an automotive technician for passenger vehicles and lorries alike. My future ambition is to become a software engineer. My current knowledge in the realm of coding are C, niches of C++, Lua and regarding web development I know some bits of CSS and HTML. I do personally own a Arduino UNO kit which I can make some simple projects on my own.


ReactOS account name: Fraizeraust
IRC Nickname: Fraizeraust (defunct -- no longer using)
GitHub name: GeoB99
Matrix name handle: