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These are my (fRy2oo5 aka David Hinz) ideas, what imho should be done to make ReactOS a great OS, that can compete with Windows XP in functionality, stability, usability and speed.

The idea behind this list is to create a clear list of the subprojects, that need to be started or helped, new devs can look at, when they are looking for a way to help the project. Feel free to add your own ideas, but if they conflict with mine, please contact me ( or fRy2oo5 in #ReactOS)

I will start with summing up my ideas, more detailed information on the projects will follow later.

  • A new system control, a bit like the KDE 3.5 one, also integrating MMC
  • A UI wizard, that will guide users through the setup of their user account, starting with the selection of their skills [more later]
  • A Package Manager, very much like dpkg
  • A new database like filesystem, comparable to WinFS' functionality and Reiser4s' speed
  • A graphical setup, starting from a kind of a livecd, requiring only one reboot during the whole setup (including PnP)
  • ReactOS Mediaplayer, maybe based on VLC Media player, with Firefox integration for playing streams (just like Windows Media player in IE, but better ;-))
  • ReactOS internet services, a suite of services for the net like web-, ftp-, mail-, IRC- and shoutcast-servers, configurable over one interface, integrated in the new system control
  • ReactOS corporate network tools, Active Directories future enemy ;-)
  • ReactOS communication and media server, integrated in corporate network tools and internet services