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ReactOS trace route utility – Trace network paths through networks

Commit history (Source code can be found in: /reactos/base/applications/network/tracert)

Command Line Help

Usage: tracert [-d] [-h maximum_hops] [-j host-list] [-w timeout] target_name


   -d                 Do not resolve addresses to hostnames.
   -h maximum_hops    Maximum number of hops to search for target.
   -j host-list       Loose source route along host-list.
   -w timeout         Wait timeout milliseconds for each reply.


  • Setting TTL values is not currently supported in ReactOS, so the trace will jump straight to the destination. This feature will be implemented soon.
  • Host info is not currently available in ReactOS and will fail with strange results. Use -d to force it not to resolve IP's.
  • For testing purposes, all should work as normal in a Windows environment