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ReactOS uses several 3rd party libraries. On this page, you can check the currently used versions in the master branch.

library name purpose used version Link to website
ACPICA Reference implementation of ACPI 20170728
adns Used by dnsapi 1.0
bzip2 ... 1.0.6
CardLib used by the cardgames 2005-07-14
DejaVu Fonts Fonts 2.37
dosfstools FAT*-check, CHKDSK-base ed4e47b
Ext2fsd ext2-driver for Windows 0.69
FreeType font rendering library 2.9.0
GNU FreeFont Fonts 2012-05-03
Liberation Fonts Fonts 2.00.1
LibreFranklin Fonts 4.0.15
libjpeg JPEG handling 9a
libmpg123 MPEG library 1.25.6
libpng PNG handling 1.6.32
libsamplerate Upsampling and downsampling for the ReactOS sound mixer 0.1.9
libtiff TIFF handling 4.0.8
libwin-iconv iconv implementation using Win32 API to convert >0.0.6
libxml2 XML parsing library 2.9.4
libxslt used for rosdocs 1.1.29
lwip TCP/IP stack 1.4.1
mbed TLS TLS / SSL back-end for schannel (and wininet) 2.6.0
MESA 3D Default non-accelerated OpenGL implementation (OSMesa) 8.0.4
rdesktop Remote desktop client (MSTSC.exe) reimplementation 1.8.3
stlport "Our" C++ STL 5.2.1
strmbase Wine Sound streaming lib, used by Wine DirectX Wine 1.7.1
Ubuntu Fonts Fonts 0.83
UniATA SerialATA-driver implementation 0.46e5
Wine Windows API 3.3
WinBtrfs BtrFS-driver for Windows v1.0.2
zlib Used by everything that needs to (de)compress archives 1.2.11