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    IN LPWSTR   pwszFiles,
    IN ULONG    cwc,
    IN ULONG    cFiles,
    IN ULONG    cbBufferSize,
    OUT PULONG  pcbRetSize,
    OUT LPVOID  pvBuf,
    IN DWORD    dwType


  • IN LPWSTR pwszFiles
String containing the filename(s) of the files to get Info from
  • IN ULONG cwc
Length of the filename string in WCHARs including the terminating UNICODE_NULL. Must match exactly.
  • IN ULONG cFiles
Number of files in the filename string
  • IN ULONG cbBufferSize
Size of the output buffer in bytes.
  • OUT PULONG pcbRetSize
Pointer to a ULONG, in which the number of bytes copied will be returned. May be NULL.
  • OUT LPVOID pvBuf
Pointer to the buffer to recieve the requested data. May be NULL.
  • IN DWORD dwType
specifies the Type of info, you want to get:
0 a DWORD, that can be 1 or 2, depending on the font file, don't know excatly
1 long fontname, not suitable for loading the font in some cases
The buffer (cbBufferSize) must be large enough to hold the full name in WCHARS including the terminating UNICODE_NULL.
2 a LOGFONTW structure, use lfFaceName member from this one for further use
cbBufferSize must be greater than sizeof(LOGFONTW) or the function fails.
3 a DWORD, always one if the function succeds(?)
4 returns the full path name, handled by gdi32 only
5 Seems to be a BOOL, wich is TRUE, when the font is not found in the global font table.
return value will be TRUE in this case, even if the font was not found.


  • TRUE if success
  • FALSE if no success.