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NTD with green color...


@ vicmarcal: what about all the entries in the golden-apps-list that weren't tested for a long time now? I think we should mark them as NTD (not tested) or old, so it shows more the status how it is now. Tomorrow, i will restart to test all the apps. I didn't had enought time the last weeks because of real life. sorry.

Is there a reason why Golden-Apps are not tested on RHDW? FAR Manager link is dead and i can not find a new one. Is v.1.7.5 also okay? -deadbeat

No reason, you can test it on RHDW too :) I will try to find a FAR Manager link, tonight i will upload the link or i would change to 1.7.5 then :)EDIT:Fixed -vicmarcal

Link to FAR Manager 1.7 fixed. -vicmarcal