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Well i would promote the printer support to one of the last Priority Ideas, but not as a Secondary one. Imho Public Institutions would support us if they have the basics:

  • Internet-> Which means more Netword cards working.
  • Printing
  • Suite App-> MS Office || OpenOffice.
  • USB

With these features, ReactOS PCs could fit perfect in Public Institutions and we can try to obtain some money support from it, this money will help to continue improving ReactOS code. Actually some Spanish Regional Goverment supports(with money) Guadalinex (a Linux Distro)focused to Public Institutions.Others Spanish regional Goverment still uses MS. [Vicmarcal] 10th March

The project on USB support: NT4 or WDM? this should be clarified. -- Lone Rifle 16:59, 11 March 2009 (UTC)