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just a temporary first try for making a page for games on ROS. Feel free to add suggestions for improvements. Are the columns satisfactory? should the first part and the second be part of one frame, and if so; how? (The pictures shouldn't get cramped, after all)

Are the pictures big enough? 300, 350, 400px?

One can always click to get a larger picture, so it should remain some sort of 'preview', but even there there's room for debate, since it amounts to how many pictures you want and how detailed, without having to scroll endlessly.

As said, any suggestions are welcomed.


While I see people experimenting with the columns and such, and that's certainly ok, now that's in a testing fase, the problem with this is, as one can see when I tried it, and now by another poster as well, that the 'metadata' sections are of the same width/amount. 3 pictures means 3 fields for data.

Does anyone know a way to make, for instance, in the first line 5 sections (or columns) while under that it gets divided into 3, while still giving the impression it's one 'frame' as a whole, that it belongs together?

ConductiveDielectric, I like what you have done, but could the padding around the thumbnails be reduced to allow five thumbnails on one line. Only four are possible at the moment (@ 1024x768). I do not know wiki code, so I cannot do it! oldman.

Unfortunately, the <gallery> tag that I've used to make these sets of images, does not provide an interface for changing the amount of empty space between the images. However, it is possible to decrease the width of thumbnails to make sure that they fit in your screen. Here are some examples of how the gallery would look at different thumbnail widths:

89px: displays six images on the same line @ 1024x768, but 90px: drops the sixth onto the next line. I would suggest that it is up to the poster to choose the size, according to how many images they wish to display on one line, but a minimum and maximum size rule should be decided.

120px (default):