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<constitution> The individual Unregistered Project Member can: Make any decision with regard to their own contributions to the Project as long as these contributions do not conflict with the current Project Rules established by way of General Resolution. </constitution>

Indeed, project member can make any decisions with regard to contributions (say, remove her own material from project), if she is copyright holder.

  • I disagree. Of cause I think anyone should be able to fix his code without asking for permission, but as soon as the code as been comitted it's part of the project and cannot be removed. Think of a dev who goes away and is pissed off or paid by a 3rd party and might want to remove all his contributions from the codebase. It would kill the project.

s/as long as these contributions/as long as these decisions/ ? -- Lone Rifle 14:23, 6 March 2009 (UTC)