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Hi!I am a newcomer, and I am misleaded trying to follow each sentence. These are my doubts:

A)CMAKE intro: Cmake version 2.8.4 had a bug (cmake bug report) that has been fixed in 2.8.5. Please comment the line "set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY RULE_MESSAGES OFF)" in root CMakeLists.txt. (place a # in front of it) make.exe included with current RosBE 1.5.1 is known not to properly handle parallel builds in the CMake build. Replace your make.exe with the binary included below.

Call me stupid but I have 2 doubts:

1)Should I comment the line if I install 2.8.5?or just if I install 2.8.4 because the bug?

2)Should I replace the make.exe with the binary in any Cmake versions because it solves the parallel builds?or just replace make.exe in case I've installed 2.8.4 because the bug-2.8.4?

Ok.After following these first steps: I have downloaded and installed 2.8.5, I have commented out the line, and I have replaced the make.exe. Now the fun part. Part B

B)Preparing the Build Environment

Didnt I prepare the Build Environment in the previous step?<Puzzlez>Even more, now the previous advises seems to be forgotten?Just download and Install? First you need to download and install Cmake build system from here.No comment lines?No make.exe replacement? I decided to hmm...forget this point, and I continue as this B) never happened.

C)Precompiled Headers Support (PCH) For reduced build time, Precompiled Headers Support was introduced. To enable this feature, you need to get patched CMake from here (current version is 2.8.5). Next you should enable this feature in ReactOS CMake configure script (configure.cmd/ by changing -DPCH=0 to -DPCH=1.

Ok cool. So, I have installed a Cmake 4 lines before, now suddenly something that seems important (PCH) requires to install a different CMAKE. Should I uninstall the previous one before installing this one? After installing the new one: Should I comment the line "set property blablaba"?Should i replace the make.exe too?

Now, a nice advise: On Windows only: Navigate to the tools subfolder in the RosBE folder and copy make.exe to mingw32-make.exe. Ok cool.Copy the make.exe from where?do you mean the make.exe downloaded in "A)CMAKE intro"? When you mean copy you mean replace?I can't copy a file to a file,just a file to a folder. If you mean replace, should I rename make.exe to mingw32-make.exe in order to perform the replacement?Or do you want both exes to co-live in a wonderful simbiosis?

These are my doubts for now.Sorry to be such picky, but seriously, they are still hard to follow.