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Supported Hardware



Please update this page with the status of each sound card that is tested. Please add a link to the site where the driver was obtained, driver version and OS version. AS YOU CAN SEE, THE LIST IS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER. PLEASE KEEP IT THIS WAY.

Notes: Testing

Latest versions of Winamp suffer an annoying bug (#1239) in ros that won't let you click on it as if the main window were transparent. I've done some tests and the last "clickable" and "working" version is 1.90. After 1.90 Winamp crashes but its main window is still clickable until 2.08. Special pack for ros made from 1.90 + 2.08 here. Gabriel_it Aureal is known to use MF - multifunction entries in their INF. As we don't support such, one has to convert it back to normal entries before trying out the driver. Caemyr


If you can provide a debug log and compile ReactOS from sources, please change NDEBUG to YDEBUG in the following files:


You'll need to recompile those modules (make portcls_clean sysaudio_clean, wdmaud_kernel_clean make kmixer_clean).

Tested Soundcards

Possible statuses
Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed
Failed Fails to work or crashes ReactOS
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality
Current state
Soundcard Chipset Status Revision Comments Tester Download URL
SigmaTel C-Major Audio Failed 4ba3c90 The driver installs fine but will cause ReactOS to freeze on shutdown. It shows up fine in Device Manager but no audio is played and applications report no audio hardware installed. Pi_User5
Soundcard Chipset Status Revision Comments Tester Download URL
4 Channel Low Profile PCI Sound Card with AC97 3D Audio Effects CMI8738 Works r76032 Driver is provided on the CD packaged with the sound card. I extracted drivers from the Setup.exe. This is a simple NSIS self-extracting installer. I decompressed it using 7z. I added installation files to my bootcd.iso for ReactOS. You can hear ReactOS sound for session opening and play any sound if you open a video just a few seconds after you heard ReactOS sound at opening session. However it will fail if you wait too much time. But at least you can hear ReactOS at opening sessions. rboxeur
Creative ES1373 Creative ES1373 Works r67080 Everything works and the audio playback is smooth. Tested playback using the Fox Audio Player. I can also record audio. Pi_User5 Driver Download
Microsoft Virtual Machine Audio Device Driver Microsoft Virtual Machine Audio Device Driver Failed r67629 I extracted the files from the Windows 7 Virtual PC guest additions and the drivers installed, but no audio was played. Pi_User5
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (Not HD) SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Run w/o result r72017 Install worked and the start up sound will play but it has some static sounds when playing. Audio from other applications did not play anything. Sound only played during start up. After installing the driver ReactOS seemed to never be able to shutdown properly anymore. Unsure if that is related to the driver or not. Would always have to kill power to shutdown/restart because it would freeze. Also had to restart many times before sound would play and the driver would be fully installed. Reactosfan34
SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio Failed r70617 I tried to install the driver and I first have to install another driver first. I have not had time to try it again. Reactosfan34: The required HDA audio bus driver fails to install thus the driver can't be used. Pi_User5


Turtle Beach Montego A3DXstream PCI Aureal Vortex AU8820B2 AAPXP Failed r70788 Not detected. Installs & works in WinXP with modified INF. morbip
AC'97 (Avance Logic) ALC100P on KT133a Inaccurate Missing No wave-out device. Davy Bartoloni
Analog Devices 1888 VIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller Inaccurate r64117 Sound choppy. Some apps no sound marko_chay Driver Download
Aureal Vortex 1 Aureal Vortex AU8810A1 Inaccurate r41939 Drivers: "Aureal Vortex 8810 Audio (WDM)" (XP drivers) - Inf not recognized: 8810. Davy Bartoloni
Aureal Vortex 2 Aureal Vortex AU8830A2 acpxp Inaccurate r41939 Drivers: "Aureal Vortex 8830 Audio (WDM)" (XP drivers) - Inf not recognized: 8830. Davy Bartoloni
Avance Logic Inc. ALS 4000 Rev 1.10 ALS4000 0A096T1 Works r42467
r41380 Installs ok, ROS crashes after restart, see debug log.
r41939 Installs ok, Some Noises/Desincronization on output sound, see debug log.
r42467 Decreased Noises/Desincronization on output sound.
Davy Bartoloni
Avance Logic Inc. ALS 4000 Rev 1.1 ALS4000 04364T2 Inaccurate r41939
r41380 Wave Out is present.
r41939 System hangs on Installation (card can be broken, other tests required).
Davy Bartoloni
AT-4000-4 ALS4000 13310Q1 Works r42467
r41380 Installation works, debug log, system hangs during boot debug log.
r41939 Installs ok, Some Noises/Desincronization on output sound.
r42467 Decreased Noises/Desincronization on output sound.
Davy Bartoloni
Avance Logic Inc. ALS 4000 Rev 1.1 ALS4000 9B122S1 Works r41939
r31384 Wave Out is present but system crashes when playing a sound ( ALS4000 official driver for XP ) debug log - This bug has been recently fixed, please re-test.
r41939 Works. Same as others ALS4000 Cards.
Davy Bartoloni
C-Media 8738 (including 8738-C3DX) CMedia-8738 Works r54573 Tested with offical CMI driver revision r54573 - Installation -> Install WDM version via setup.exe and reboot. Johannes Anderwald
C-Media PCI CARD 6 Channel Cmedia-8738 Works r43337 Notified (from Elhoir) on IRC that standard driver works (card is back! :) ) No sound heard yet, anyway :( Elhoir
A.8738-4C CMI8738/PCI-SX HRTF Works r42762
r42467 Hang on driver installation (Drivers from C-media Site),C-MediaPCIAudioDevice.
r42762 Troubles with USB controller (removed for tests) sounds are played very slow,system works very slow during playback,C-MediaPCIAudioDevice.
Davy Bartoloni
Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 [1102:0002] (rev 06) CT4832 SBLive! Value [1102:8027] Works r49191 Used WDM drivers from Windows XP. Card works fine, smooth playback. Haos
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 CT4700 (5507 5507000101) Works Missing Card n°5 on this picture. Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 64 (audio PCI 3000) Ensoniq Es1370 Audio PCI 1370-0001-01 Works Missing Using Ensoniq ES1370 drivers (from Creative). Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 CT4750 (CT5880-DEQ) Inaccurate r41368 (copying .sys file on system32\drivers before installation , RARE BSOD during startup, debug installation. Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 CT4810 (CT2518-DAQ) Inaccurate r41939 No wave-out device. Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 CT4810 (CT5880-DCQ) Failed r42467
Missing No wave-out device.
r41368 Xp native drivers, system hangs during installation debug:
r41368 FirstQemuTests-Driver (1370 and SB PCI64), copying .SYS driver to drivers folder (trick from Janderwald) no Wave-Out device: Debug Log: audio.pci.es1371.es1374.wdm.
r42467 Long pause during driver installation CreativeAudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373).
Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 ES1373 (1373-0001-02) Failed r43145 It installs ok but ros crashes when trying to play. See ES1371-ES1373 folder from link for debug log and drivers. Gabriel ilardi ES1371-ES1373
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 128 CT4810 ES1373 (1373-0001-04) Works r42467
r41380 XP native drivers, correct installation, but no Wave-Out device debug log - has been recently fixed.
r41939 Xp native drivers, correct installation, But ReactOS hangs on BootLogo during Reboot debug log - registry corruption - retry.
r42467 XP native drivers, works fine CreativeAudioPCI2(ES1371,ES1373)(WDM).
Davy Bartoloni
Creative SoundBlaster PCI 512 Creative EMU10K1-SEF Inaccurate r41368 Hang during driver installation, see debug log. Davy Bartoloni
Crystal SoundFusion unknown Inaccurate r32694 See bug #3138 revision too old, please update.
Crystal 4205 (SoundFusion) Crystal 4205 Works 0.3.14 Used ReactOS-distributed AC'97 driver - unzip to inf and system32\drivers folders. chinamicah
ESS Allegro - ES1988 ES1988 Failed r43145 Card installs ok, but winamp says no audio devices - See ES1988 folder from link for debug log and drivers. Gabriel ilardi ES1988
ESS Solo-1 ES1938S D098 Inaccurate r42467
r41348 Hang on driver installation (native xp, ESS Solo1 PCI AudioDrive (WDM)), see debug log.
r42467 Hang on driver installation (native xp drivers)AudioDriveESS1969PCI(WDM).
Davy Bartoloni
SC2000 Ess Allegro 1989S L130 Failed r42467
r41939 System hangs during installation.
r42467 Hang on reboot afer driver installation, no waveout device. ESSAllegroPCIAudio(WDM).
Davy Bartoloni
nForce2 AC97 Audio Controler (MC [10de:006a] (rev a1) on ECS N2U400-A Unknown [1019:1b31] (AC97 CMI9739A) Works r49337 See bug #5464 for hack, that is needed for successful driver installation and stutter decreasing. Used drivers are cmedia973x WDM drivers. igor Paliychuk drivers
NForce2 integrated (Abit NF7-S) NVidia SoundStorm Failed r48930 Crashes in 4th stage on nvapu.sys. Haos
Phantom 806 (FM801) ForteMedia FM801-AU Inaccurate Missing No wave-out device. Davy Bartoloni
Realtek AC'97 (Motherboard Integrated) unknown chipset Works r58939 Real hardware. ReactOS tune sounds at start-up. Driver: WDM_A406.EXE.
Realtek AC'97 (VIA on board) VT8233/A/8235/8237 VIA Failed r41809 Blue screen after reboot tested with VIA & Realtek drivers LinoSP drivers
SoundMax Digital Audio ADI AC97 Audio Inaccurate r65936 LiveCD test. Sound choppy. Some apps no sound jedi-to-be Driver Download
SoundMAX integrated digital audio Failed r42095 Ros crashes during installation. See SoundMAX folder for debug log and drivers from link. Gabriel ilardi SoundMax
Turtle Beach Montego Vortex AU8820C0 (9903-MBP90) Failed Missing Installs fine using XP WDM drivers. Playback is limited to few seconds (Winamp 2.91) then it's cut silent. Haos
Via Ac'97 on notebook Compaq 12XL406A Via AC'97 Inaccurate r41357 Drivers: "Controller audio (WDM) Via AC'97" (XP drivers) - BSOD (ntoskrnl.exe) during installation (sorry no RS232 on this notebook). Davy Bartoloni
Via AC'97 on Compaq Presario 1400 Via AC'97 Inaccurate r41351 AC97 XP drivers - Wave-Out device is present, system hangs when a sound is played (sorry no RS232 on this notebook). Davy Bartoloni
VM QEMU AC'97 AC'97 Works Missing Works from Qemu 0.10.0 Davy Bartoloni
VM QEMU ES1370 ES1370 Works Missing Tested with QEMU 0.9.0 and 0.10.5. See installation in QEMU. Gabriel ilardi
VM VirtualBox AC'97 AC'97 Works r49191 This is known to work best atm, see the installation in VirtualBox. Haos
VMware VMaudio VMware VMaudio Works 0.3.17 Everything works. I used the drivers from the VMware tools CD. Pi_User5
VM VMWARE SB16 SB16 Works Missing See VMware.
VM VMWARE ES1371 ES1371 Works Missing Broken with VMWare Workstation >= 5.5.2 Didn't work in revisions earlier than r40930. See VMware. Gabriel ilardi
Yamaha XG Pci YMF724F-V Failed r42467
r41380 Debug log: Start-Install-Reboot, no sound from speakers, occasionally, system crashes during sound playback Debug-BT.
r41939 Driver installs correctly, but system hangs when icons appears Debug-BT.
r42467 Driver installs correctly, but no sound from speakers during playback Debug.
Davy Bartoloni

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