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full name: Kamil Horníček

IRC nick: Pigglesworth

forum nick: preston

commit name: khornicek

Occupation: aside from studying electrical engineering on Czech Technical University I also work for couple of companies, my job includes dealing with web development (mostly php+mysql combo D:), network administration and occasional end user support.

"Skills:" C, PHP, HTML (lol), BASIC (lol^2)

ReactOS related interests: mostly graphics stuff - opengl and directx, but also bugfixing wherever it's needed

other interests: electronics, cycling (riding a bicycle, not being in a loop), films, being in a pub

What am I doing right now: (most probably nothing, just sitting infront of my PC staring blankly at the screen) I have multiple "jobs", am studying and I'm also one of the people taking care of our community network (consisting of combination of LAN, wifi, 5 GHz wireless, fiber, optical wireless etc etc) Jablonka which serves as an internet connection for more than 500 people now. As you see I don't have much time for ReactOS right now. Hopefully it will get better when I get fired or kicked out of the school.