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Having found the official tutorials sometimes hard to understand and ambiguous, my aim was to make these tutorials simple to understand; I hope that I have achieved that and you find them helpful.

What I have written here is from personal experience; if I cannot do it myself, then I cannot write about it.

The main section of each guide is based on the Windows environment, but Linux users will find Unix subsections that cover their environment also.
[The original author.]

Main guides

A layman's guide - Testing requirements ~ Some advice for would be testers.

A layman's guide - Getting an ISO to test ~ Shows the different places to download an ISO for testing.

A layman's guide - How to compile ReactOS ~ Shows how to get and compile the ReactOS source code.

A layman's guide - How to get a debug log ~ Shows how to get a debug log to report an issue in Jira.

A layman's guide - How to create a JIRA Issue ~ Shows how to create an issue (bug report) in Jira.

A layman's guide - log2lines ~ Shows how to use log2lines to give more detail to a debug log.

A layman's guide - Regression testing ~ Shows how to find the revision where a bug was introduced.

Supplementary guides

A layman's guide - Unattended installation ~ How to alter ReactOS so that it installs itself without needing attention.

A layman's guide - ReactOS installation stages ~ Shows the installation stages via lots of images.

A layman's guide - Installing from a USB memory stick ~ How to make a bootable USB memory stick to install from a RamDisk.

A layman's guide - Altering files in an ISO ~ Alter files in an ISO or add new files to it; the example uses txtsetup.sif.

A layman's guide - Making wallpaper available in an ISO image. ~ Make wallpaper available to a user, in a locally compiled ISO.

A layman's guide - Freeloader boot options ~ Freeloader boot options that are available by selecting F8. (unfinished)

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