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Date: 2 - 6 of March, 2009.

Location: Seville, Spain

Short Description

The Imaginática Association is composed of more than fifty students of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (School of Software and Hardware Engineering) of the University of Seville. They all are concerned about the present and the future of the relationship between the university and companies in Andalusia, especially in the technology sector, and a will of improving it. Besides the students, many professors and researchers of the University of Seville collaborate to achieve the best project possible.

Summing Up IMAGINATICA 2007

  • 150 speakers
  • 9 simultaneous rooms for 1500 person
  • More than 19000 IT people.
  • 20 workshops.
  • 13 Supporter IT Companies.

ReactOS day

  • Monday 2nd March 2009, 18:30: ReactOS talk.


Dossier Info

Who visits and when

- Elhoir - From 1st (16.15) to 2nd (23.00) March - Kjk-Hyperion-From 28th February-to 3rd March

  • Join this Event:Imaginatica is enormous,Seville in March beatiful.


Friday 27th,72 hours BTT(Before The Talk):

" Today has been a long day, this morning we(Myrjala and me) were near the place where Imaginatica is going to take place.We gave a walk around the place we are going to talk to IT students:Microsoft is a supporter in this Event(hehehe) but not a Gold supporter as in other Imaginatica editions.A nice big top has been placed to play with some XBOX.Also,near,there is a small nice shop where some days ago I ordered some ReactOS badges(Starflow designed them,so thanks a lot Star~). Shopper gave me the badges and we left the shop in a hurry. When we arrived to the car we realized we didnt pay and we returned to the Shop and paid them.The shopper was astonished,she didnt realize we left without paying(she was too busy with a Big man) and more astonished since we came back to pay the 20 Euros bill. This action gave me a new chance to ask her about Flyers(we dont have them yet),usually it takes 3 or 4 days to get them done,but she said we can give her the design on Monday and she personally will do them for us in just 5 minutes WOOWWWW :0 Good actions have Good rewards. We went to lunch and then we went to a Big Mall to buy a RestForm Bed(it will be KJK bed for these days).Then we moved to another Big Mall to buy some LightScribe Cds, here those are pretty expensive(they arent usual,dunno in the rest of Europe) so we need to move to another mall where the cost was reasonable(1€ each).We drove back to home since we were begin feeling a little bit ill. Tomorrow at 16:00GMT KJK will arrive to Seville,we will be there wellcoming him...or maybe we can leave in the airport in his own... WAHAHHAAAHAHA." --Vicmarcal(Friday Night before going to bed)