Google Summer of Code 2011 projects

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TCP/IP Driver Replacement Using lwIP

Student : Claudiu Mihail

IRC Nick: KlausM

Mentor  : Art Yerkes

Branch  : TcpIpDriver

Project Description
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GDI Font Driver

Student : Timo Kreuzer

Mentor  : Ged Murphy

Branch  : GdiFontDriver

Project Description
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Kernel mode test suite

Student : Thomas Faber

IRC Nick: ThFabba

Mentor  : Pierre Schweitzer

Branch  : KMTestSuite

Project Description
Goal of the project is to create a conformance and regression test suite for the ReactOS kernel. This will help ensure steady quality in the kernel code, and enable easier comparison with Windows.
The tests should be individually accessible via a command-line interface as found in Wine tests, and should be easy to integrate with Testman. The first step is to design an appropriate testing framework, based on the current kmtests and Wine tests. The second step is then to add as many tests as possible to build a usable basis for future expansion.

Support for Themes

Student : Giannis Adamopoulos

Mentor  : Amine Khaldi

Branch  : ThemesSupport

Project Description
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Shell Support for Explorer

Student : Andrew Green

IRC Nick: Greeniekin

Mentor  : Aleksey Bragin

Branch  : NewExplorer

Project Description
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Audio Mixer

Student : Neeraj Yadav

IRC Nick: neeraj_rct

Mentor  : Johannes Anderwald

Branch  : AUDSRV

Project Description
Goal for this project is to develop an Audio Server For ReactOS.Audio Mixer project is a ReactOS service which receives audio streams from different audio player applications, mixes them to a single audio stream and feeds it to Audio Hardware. Status of this Project can be Tracked at NYADAV