Google Summer of Code 2009

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ReactOS submitted an application to take part in Google's Summer of Code, a project which sponsors students working on OpenSource Software with 4,500 USD.

Please note that this a private wikipage only for the SoC mentors to edit and which may be subject to changes. If you are not sure about a idea or if you think something should be removed please use the Discussion Page.

Project Suggestions

Priority Ideas

  • Windows-compatible network card drivers for the following:
    • Nvidia Nforce
    • Network Everywhere/Linksys NC100
    • Etherlink 3c905/959 (Steven has a 3c905-TX card he can send you if you don't have one)
  • Develop (improve, finish) our Windows XP/2003 compatible USB Stack, notably to fix compatibility problems and add 2.0 support.
  • Winlogon/GINA. Develop an actual login implementation in ReactOS, by improving the current WinLogon code and creating a GINA. Documentation is available on MSDN and through the following GPL GINA project:
  • Explorer enhancements (look for Alex's 0.3.0 'User Wow Factor' Ideas stuff, plus other explorer enhancements to make it more like windows, look in Roadmap for references). Going over the shell32/shlwapi code and implementing any missing windows functionality.

Secondary Ideas

  • Your choice of one of the following working, Windows/DDK-compatible IFS Drivers:
    • UDF
    • EXT3
    • Reiser4
    • ZFS
  • Develop the "Workstation" service for basic SMB support, or the SMB Redirector driver for kernel-mode support. Sample code is available in the Windows 2003 IFS Kit.
  • Develop the "Spooler" service for basic printer support.

Tertiary Ideas

  • UXTheme support. Implementing a working uxtheme.dll that is compatible with Windows and provides Theming support. If time permits, develop a compatible "Themes" service which provides the same interface as on Windows. WINE already provides a basic uxtheme.dll file, which may or may not need fixing to be compatible on Windows, so work on it might be minimal, with most of the focus going towards the Themes service.
  • Implement a MMC 2.0 replacement, that can be used in ReactOS to load MMC-plugins, which are XML files.
  • Any windows application you might want to "clone" (=develop an alternative, FOSS implementation).

Contact Information

For any inquiries, additional ideas or suggestions, please mail to either: