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About me

Born 1978, and come from Norway. I started with ReactOS programming in june 2007, during version 0.3.3.

I work as an IT-consultant near the capital Oslo. Most days are spent out in server rooms at customer sites, or in the office coding.

I'm mainly a .NET programmer (C# and VB.NET), but have a growing fascination for C and C++.

Educated as a space engineer, and worked with building satellites for a couple of years in Norway and France before switching to the IT-sector.

ReactOS Profile nickname: Scalpel78
IRC nickname: FrodeL

I currently have status as Norwegian translator (and hobby bug-submitter and patch-provider).

I've made these contributions to ReactOS:

  • 0.3.6
    • Re-added Norwegian support (r34815)
  • 0.3.4
    • Norwegian translation for cmd.exe (r27746)
    • Norwegian translation for shutdown.exe (r27749)
    • Norwegian translation for syssetup (updated translation) (r27754)
    • Norwegian translation for newdev (New Device found dialog) (r27808)
    • Norwegian translation for Explorer (updated translation + bug fix) (r27944)
    • Patched dll\win32\userenv\environment.c to prepare for the %USERNAME% environment variable (r27951)
    • Norwegian translation for Regedit.exe (r28013)
    • Norwegian translation for mmc.exe (r28049)
    • Norwegian translation for msgina (r28049)
    • Wrote logoff.exe application (r28137)
    • Patched network control panel applet (ncpa.cpl) to display whether IP address has been assigned by DHCP or manually (r28398)
  • 0.3.3
    • Rewrote Shutdown.exe (r27674)
    • Norwegian Keyboard layout (r27709 and r27765)