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In September 2012, Bugzilla was replaced by JIRA. You can log in using your ReactOS website credentials. Several fields are the same as before, for the details please read the article "How to create a JIRA Issue for your bug". If you still have questions regarding filing bugs, please use the forum or the chat.


This page describes how to file bugs in our JIRA Bug-Tracking Software. JIRA is used in this project to gather information about failing or misbehaving components and allows us to coordinate bug fixing efforts.

First Steps

If you think you found a bug in ReactOS:

  • Make sure you can replicate your bug. Restart ReactOS and try again to make sure.
  • Check that it hasn't been reported already. The JIRA search will help you confirm this.
  • Make sure you are testing an official and recent ReactOS nightly build, it's preferred testing source and can be obtained here.
  • If you are running ReactOS on a virtual machine, please note that we support QEMU, VMware and VirtualBox. Others are not supported.

Since certain bug types are out of the scope of the project, please:

  • Do not report build breakages on common platforms (Windows, Linux). Please report these in the chat or to the mailing list.
  • Do not report features announced for the next version of Windows (WinFS, etc.).
  • Do not report bugs in external components (FreeType, Wine, Mesa, etc.). Please use the other project's bug trackers for this purpose.

Important Information to Include

To make sure we can reproduce and fix your bug, certain information has to be present. Important data you should include in your report includes:

  • Reproduction method using step by step instructions.
  • Hardware or virtual machine configuration.
  • Tested ReactOS version (verify also that it does happen with the latest build).
  • The version of the application tested (if any) and a download link (URL).
  • Screenshot of the problem if it's a graphical bug (add the attachment in JIRA).
  • Debug log for crashes, freezes and application errors. See Debugging to see how to obtain a high quality debug output.

Reporting Guidelines

To ease bug reporting and fixing, please follow these guidelines:

  • Choose a concise bug title.
  • Attach the debug log file to the bug report, instead of pasting it in. This improves the report's readability.
  • Attach pictures to JIRA directly instead of using external hosting services.
  • Use JIRA to file bugs, not to ask for support or discuss things not related to the bug.
  • Cover a single problem in the bug report, even if it happens in multiple applications or can be replicated in multiple ways.
  • Post only one issue in a single bug report.

Reports that violate these guidelines will be closed as invalid and the reporter will be asked to report the bug properly.

If any questions or problems regarding the bug reporting process arise, consult people in the chat.

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