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Date: 3 & 4 February 2018.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Building K (level 1, group B), stand 3


Where to stay for ReactOS staff?

It was said that the preferable place would be central.

Who visits and when

[16:53] (@vicmarcal): But yes, I have tickets for Brussels and Fosdem
[16:53] (@vicmarcal): and I am now booking a hotel

[19:50] <@gigaherz> and @mjansen is going too

[20:08] <@Colin_Finck> I'll be there from Friday to Saturday


  1. Badges for ReactOS crew.
  2. Information sheets to give out to.
  3. CDs\USBs with ReactOS 0.4.whatever or TRUNK. (0.4.8 branch is being prepared)
  4. "Souvenirs" - some things? order it? where?