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The current testman/buildbots solution does not satisfy the growing ReactOS codebase.
Furthermore it has some UI issues which increases the time for developers get necessary information.
This page is for gathering requirements for The New CI system, both for internal/backend and UI/frontend parts.


Features, which we don't support now:

  • Count and store the number of test attempts (aka count reboots)
  • Ability to run only kernel or user mode tests
  • Ability to run tests on different Windows and ReactOS configurations (e.g. fat and btrfs, x86 and x64)
  • Ability to run tests on different VM configurations


Here are described some views, which the interface should contain

  • Commits view
    • commit message
    • link to iso
    • build status (success, running, failed)
  • Single commit view
    • times for each build
    • list of all tests run, can be filtered by:
      • configuration(s)
      • result
      • test time
      • the number of attempts
      • default: failed in this commit for the first time
  • Test view
    • test name
    • test time
    • number of reboots
    • VM configuration (detailed)
    • link to debug log on the line where the test started