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-Some fixes in FreeLoader.
-More work towards UEFI booting.
-Fixes in Plug and Play modules, enabling more computers to boot ReactOS without conflicts.
-Fixed unbootable system after creating system partition.
-System avoids attempts to reinstall a driver on reboot when a previous attempt has already failed.
-Minor fixes in Common Cache and Memory Manager.

Win32 subsystem:

-Some drawing fixes.
-Enabled versioned classes and fixed their usage for theming work.
-Fixed some minor bugs.
-Partly fixed hanging system when apps hang.
-Implemented exclude update region and fill window.
-Some fixes to gdi32. More to come.
-Rewritten font selection code. Fixed various font issues. Improved font substitute. Fixed enumerating and many issues for Asian fonts.
-Some minor improvements in spooler.
-Many fixes in tests.


-Some fixes in FAT32 driver. Various speed ups.
-Fixed BSoD when changing floppy drives.
-Processors are properly reported to system.
-Fixed some USB leaks.


-Fixed dragging items to the icons of My Documents, Recycle Bin or any drive.
-Some minor drag and drop fixes.
-Implemented some more commands.
-Improved Folder Options dialog.
-Some fixes to Start Menu.
-Fixed redrawing Desktop when resized.
-Implemented power and volume icons in system tray.
-Fixes to font handling in explorer.
-Many fixes to taskbar size.

System DLLs:

-Some minor fixes in userenv.
-Added connection from shim engine to ntdll for application compatibility.
-Work on low-level DirectX components.
-Added option to use OpenGL or another graphics stack.

User-mode DLLs:

-Major comctl32 and uxtheme work to improve theming:

  • Fixed various drawing and painting issues.
  • Fixed user elements (e.g boxes, buttons, menus, bars...) when themed.
  • Fixed non-Latin character issues when themes enabled.
  • Enabled versioned classes, and version 5/6.
  • Improved support for msstyles.
  • Implemented various methods.
  • Fixed tab background with themes.

-Some more apphelp work.
-Some fixes to Winsock 2 DLL to fix app crashes.
-Added basic NTLM implementation to secur32.

Commands and utilities:

-"tree" command reworked.
-"at" command implemented.
-Scheduler service improved.
-Event Viewer rewritten and vastly accerelated.
-Font viewer was improved.
-Added various apps into RAPPS.
-RAPPS has been finally replaced.
-Added Asian font support into console properties dialog.


-Fixes in many modules based on Coverity.
-FreeType updated to 2.7.1.
-zlib updated to 1.2.11.
-libpng updated to 1.6.28.
-libjpeg updated to 9b.
-libtiff updated to 4.0.7.
-uniata updated to 0.46e3. This fixed some disk corruption and detection issues.
-ACPICA updated to 20170303.
-mbedTLS updated to 2.4.0.
-Synced user mode DLLs with Wine Staging 2.2.
-Some fonts added.
-mkisofs updated to schily-2017-02-16.
-Added lots of tests related to theming.

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