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What's New in 0.4.4


-Some fixes in Security Manager and Local Procedure Call, mainly adding SEH protection.
-Some Common Cache fixes.
-Some minor fixes in Memory Manager to pass more tests.
-Some FreeLoader (bootloader) improvements.

Win32 subsystem:

-Printing support branch (colins-printing-for-freedom) is now merged, now we have a working basic print stack, but not usable at the moment.
-user32: leave dialog procedure calls protected with SEH to handle exceptions.
-user32: Improved task switcher.
-Implemented DC bounds support.
-Fixed some drawing/painting issues and debug log spams.
-Fixed some bugs uncovered by revision 72495.


-Some FAT32 fixes.


-Some progress in USB audio driver.
-Added basic AHCI driver.
-Merged some USB stack improvements.


-Shell bug fixes:

  • Explorer command parameters implemented.
  • Fixed some non-working buttons.
  • Removed some duplicate entries in Start Menu.

-Major browseui.dll leak fixes.
-When starting apps via Run, exe extension is automatically added.

System DLLs:

-Some lsasrv fixes.
-Filing more gaps in advapi32.
-Added some stubs to make some Windows Server 2003 DLLs working in ReactOS.
-Major fixes in Services Control Manager:

  • Fixed broken service arguments.
  • Environment blocks are now properly initialized for started services.
  • Some user accounts and service initialization work.

-Lots of fixes in userenv.dll.

User-mode DLLs:

-Some progress in apphelp.dll. More compatibility shims have been implemented.
-Bug fixes in networking DLLs continue (memory corruption/new implementations).
-More network-related apps work.
-Started logging events properly.
-mpr.dll works continue to make net command more usable. Also, VboxSF driver is now usable without hacks.

Commands and utilities:

-SSL support added to remote desktop application.
-Fixed a regedit bug.
-Work has started towards USB boot, mainly filesystem fixes. Not finished yet.
-Boot sector of ReactOS ISOs have been reworked.
-Lots of apitests have been added.


-BTRFS updated to 0.8.
-mkisofs tool is now being used to create ReactOS ISOs.
-conutils' usage has been widened for commands.
-Sync with Wine Staging 1.9.23.
-uniata updated to 0.46e1.
-Started to use isohybrid tool.

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