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All this information can also be found in RosBE by typing help.


Switch back to the ReactOS source base directory.


Change the target architecture for building ReactOS for the current RosBE session. Currently supported architectures are:

  • i386
  • amd64


Change the ReactOS source directory for the current RosBE session.

  • previous: Switch to the previous ReactOS source directory.

CHDEFGCC (RosBE-Windows only)

Usage: chdefgcc [PATH] [TYPE] Change the MinGW/GCC directory for the current RosBE session.

  • Path: Path to set the Host or Target GCC to.
  • Type: Set it to "target" or "host"

RADDR2LINE (RosBE-Windows only)

Main article: Debugging – Translating Addresses

Usage: raddr2line [FILE] [ADDRESS] Translates program addresses into file names and line numbers to assist developers with finding specific bugs in ReactOS. If either of the options is not given you will be prompted for it.

  • FILE: This can be either a fully specified path or just the file name [you can use a partial name ie. ntdll*] of the executable to be analyzed. When using just a file the current directory and all sub-directories are searched.
  • ADDRESS: The address to be translated.


Simple utility for managing different directory locations. SCUT can be used to quickly change from one directory to another inside the BE prompt, making it easier to go to source in another directory. Included in both the Windows and Unix BEs. You can pass the following parameters to scut:

  • list: Lists all shortcuts currently available.
  • add: Adds a shortcut to the list.
  • edit: Edits a shortcut on the list.
  • rem: Removes a shortcut from the list.
  • def: Switches to the default directory location, which is enabled on every start of RosBE.

If you want to use a directory shortcut, for example one with the name trunk, just enter scut trunk and the program will switch to the directory you set for this shortcut.

UPDATE (RosBE-Windows only)

Updates all files of RosBE to the most recent files.

  • delete X: Deletes Update Nr X.
  • info X: Shows info about Update Nr X.
  • nr X: Re/Installs Update Nr X.
  • reset: Removes the Updates Cache. Not recommended.
  • status: Shows the recent status of available, non installed updates.