What is ReactOS?

ReactOS is an operating system.
Our own main features are:

  • ReactOS is able to run Windows software
  • ReactOS is able to run Windows drivers
  • ReactOS looks-like Windows
  • ReactOS is free and open source

What to do next?

How can ReactOS help me?

Being part of a Worldwide Community, as ReactOS is, will boost your own personal skills to a highest new level. Working teamed with people from different countries will enhance your team-working, empathy and English. All these skills are really appreciated by companies out there in job interviews. Contributing your free time into an open source project seems to be also trending and marks a difference within you and another candidate for the same job. If you want to learn about coding and Windows internals, you won’t find a better real field case. You’ll find in ReactOS the possibility to move from the book theory to the practical cases. This is the main reason why top-most software companies offer ReactOS Devs jobs opportunities. Also, from time to time (and when donations let us), we offer scholarships to our contributors for specific tasks to be done.