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Test Suite: kmtest:ZwCreateSection
Total Tests: 7
Failed Tests: 3
Skipped Tests: 0
Todo Tests: 0
Time: 0.08s
Diff to previous runSide by side Side by side (no debug) Inline (no debug)
err:(dll/win32/advapi32/service/scm.c:2769) RStartServiceW() failed (Error 1056)
(modules/rostests/kmtests/kmtest_drv/kmtest_drv.c:370) DriverIoControl. Starting test ZwCreateSection
(modules/rostests/kmtests/kmtest_drv/kmtest_drv.c:372) DriverIoControl. Finished test ZwCreateSection
ZwCreateSection.c:272: Test failed: Status = 0xc0000056, expected 0x00000000
ZwCreateSection.c:273: Test failed: IoStatusBlock.Information = 1, expected 2
ZwCreateSection.c:274: Test failed: WriteOnlyFile is NULL
ZwCreateSection: 7 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 3 failures), 0 skipped.
Test ZwCreateSection completed in 0.08 seconds.

Information about the associated Test
Revision: 74358
Date: 2017-04-17 19:48
Source: Build GCCLin_x86 on Test KVM (patched)
Platform: ReactOS - i386
Comment: Build 16846