GSOC Project TSE Week 9

Hey there, its Shriraj here! 0/ We are already in week 9 of this 12-week journey of GSoC! Soon about to take the final lap, but wait we have a lot to do before that. This time too I don't have any pics as such to show visible progress, but yeah let's see through words what I managed to do last week. ;P What I did Last week? As I told in my last blog, we are currently working to find the appropriate enumeration filters required for safely removable devices, but as that feature is being tested on a standalone console app, I was free to prepare the stobject of ReactOS to welcome the hotplug!

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 8

Hello World! I know it hasn't been very long since the last update. The last few updates were late, but I'm trying to get back into good habits like committing often and blogging on time. :) Last time, I talked about how ReactOS was corrupting my test volume by trying to create files I wasn't ready for it to create. I was indeed able to fix that by booting into Windows and creating the folder and files ReactOS kept trying to make.

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 7

Hi everyone! Last week I left off with an example of creating files, showing you how an index node fills up with file names. Once the node in a B-Tree gets too full, it needs to be split. I've been working on this for a while and I was expecting that I'd have an example of this working. I even delayed writing this post because I was so sure this feature was almost ready.

GSOC Project TSE Week 8 : Phase 3

Hey there! 0/ Sorry for posting my blog late this time :P. Was kinda busy with my family duties, besides some errands. Also, my college is starting from this week. As devs, we are better coders than writers but yeah, as a GSoC norm, blogging is a healthy habit which keeps us updated. ;) About this phase Let's keep it short this time, as I told in my last blog we are officially in the final phase of the project.

RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 5

It's very good when things go as planned. And they do! The BULK INSTALL is here! Let's have a look. Checkboxes are useful Now you can select a bunch of apps in the app bar. In the statusbar you can see selected app count. Selection drops when the categories are switched.  Using "Select/Deselect button" will select all apps in the current view.  Install all apps at once Pressing "

GSoC xHCI status update

In this post I’m going to detail my work progress. In the past week I’ve decided to clean up the code. Some parts of the code was re-written as functions. After that I’ve started working on the USB port status function. When an interrupt is generated the code is getting stuck in a loop. I’m trying to figure out what caused it. As we’ve discussed in the previous blog post.

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 6

Hello again! :) Last week, I finished the code that writes a B-Tree node to disk. Specifically, it lets me write the node to an index buffer within the index allocation of the parent directory. Don't worry if that doesn't make sense, I'll explain it more below. From a user's perspective, this means that the driver now has the ability to create dozens of files. My tester will create 39 files before filling the index node.

RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 3 and 4

Whoosh! Two weeks flew by in no time! Fortunately, I've done many things and have some screenshots to show! Before we start, I have an anouncement: I'm going to Hackfest and FroSCon this August! I may not be very useful there, but I can discuss things related to the project, meet my mentor Mark Jansen and other devs. I will also learn from the ReactOS developers and FrOSCon workshops.  

GSOC Project TSE Week 7

Hello World!! ;D If you had read my last blog then you already know that we are in "Phase 2". And whats exciting is this phase zoomed past at such a speed that in the upcoming week I am starting "Phase 3". (Spoiler Alert! XP) But, let us hold our horses and let me describe what happened in Phase 2. For a TL;DR you can just check the Task 2.

XHCI Ring Data Structures

xHC functioning mostly depends on different ring data structures. In this blog post I’m going to detail what a ring is in XHCI and various implementations by Linux and Haiku. A ring is a circular queue of data structures. There are three kinds of rings in xHC. 1. Command ring 2. Event Ring 3. Transfer Ring These rings are the basis of communication with the Controller. Command Ring is used to send commands to the controller.