Accepted Summer of Code Projects

The ReactOS project has accepted six entries from the submitted projects, covering a wide range of functionality. The completion of some would have immediate, user visible effects on ReactOS, while others are more long term. TCP/IP Driver Rewrite of the current TCP/IP stack using the lwIP library. Student: Claudiu Mihail Mentor: Art Yerkes Completion of Explorer_New Complete the implementation of a new explorer shell for ReactOS. Student: Andrew Green Mentor: Aleksey Bragin Theme Support Implement the theme service for the user interface.

Google Summer of Code 2011

We are proud to announce that ReactOS has been accepted into the 2011 Google Summer of Code program. It has been a few years since we were last a part of the program, so we are keen to use this opportunity not only to benefit ReactOS in hopefully gaining new features, but in passing on our knowledge to bright and prospective students with an interest in operating system development and especially Windows internals.