ReactOS participation in GSoC 2006 Mentor Summit

Google conducts GSoC 2006 mentor summit next week In the area of "better collaboration between organizations", Alex Ionescu will present a short talk on ReactOS on the following topics: Targetting, developping and testing Win32 versions of projects on ReactOS. Solving OS-level and other platform-specific bugs. Finding out and dealing with undocumented behaviour. Testing Win32 ports without acquiring a Windows license and spending money on a test environment. The ReactOS Foundation is looking at creating an official long-term "division" responsible for communicating with developers and leaders from other projects.

Summer Of Code Applications

Summer Of Code: Winning applications for ReactOS project It's time to announce the results of the first phase of Google Summer Of Code project. Some statistics: ReactOS has got 4 slots (our number desired projects was 12), and got around ~30 applications (plus 4 applications were classified as ineligible, and 2 more has been redirected to Google). Results: ReactOS Print Spooler Service (spoolsv) by Peter Windridge, mentored by Alex Ionescu. Remote Desktop Client application & ActiveX control by Michele Cicciotti, mentored by Alex Ionescu Login System by Justin Haygood, mentored by Thomas Weidenmueller Clipboard Server API implementation by Pablo Borobia, mentored by Thomas Weidenmueller I congratulate the winning students, they did a great job at picking up complex, but interesting and needed topics, and providing applications, which showed they are capable of performing these tasks.

Google Summer Of Code 2006

Google Summer Of Code 2006 Aleksey Bragin's (Project Coordinator of ReactOS) email to the mailing list: We are negotiating technical details now, and soon information will appear on the official SoC 2006 web-site. Meanwhile, we already should start compiling a list of project's suggestions for it. Everyone is welcome to provide suggested projects, however please have in mind that only 1 student can do one project (or separate part of the bigger project).