ReactOS at FOSDEM 2017

The ReactOS project will be attending FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, on Feburary 4th and 5th. The team will be represented by Colin Finck and Hermès BÉLUSCA-MAÏTO in the K Building, manning a joint booth with Adrien Destugues and François Revol from the HaikuOS project, which ReactOS has long had amicable relations with. Be sure to drop by and say hello to the gang, grab some CDs, and if the stars align play a few games.

Word 2010 support Part 5: NTLM & FOSDEM 2017 preparation

Hello everyone! As you've seen my activity in the blogs has been reduced quite a lot since beginning January,so here is a summary of what I did during the month of January. First two weeks of January (until ~= 15) In my previous report of last time, I explained that what blocked my progress on Word 2010 was the absence of NTLM authentication support for the installation to continue & finish.

FOSDEM Writeup

The following is a writeup by KJK::Hyperion detailing his experiences at FOSDEM. Since all the developers unilaterally agreed that it was a much more entertaining read, it now represents the project's writeup. Besides some minor spelling corrections, name corrections, and conclusion, it was all his, quirky grammar included. Enjoy. FRIDAY Left home at 3.30 AM. My pessimistic estimate is 10 hours total of travel from home (Milan, Italy) to hotel (Brussels, Belgium).


FOSDEM 2007 event in Brussels FOSDEM turned out to be a big great event indeed. I was just back from the event yesterday, and after having some rest I'm writing this news. This was my first time attending FOSDEM, and first time speaking at FOSDEM. I should say, FOSDEM's staff organized everything very well, the room(Janson)given for ReactOS talk was huge (and the space was not wasted ;)), the hotel was quite perfect and very well situated (despite it's far from the ULB, where the event took place, they provided a nice Taxi service).

ReactOS at FOSDEM event

ReactOS talk at the coming FOSDEM event in Brussels FOSDEM (Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting) will take place the 24th and 25th of February 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. ReactOS is going to be represented by me, who is going to give a talk this saturday about ReactOS internals, and do some live demonstrations of what ReactOS achieved so far. See you there, Aleksey Bragin.