25 Sep 2006



Server transfer is over

Servers are finally migrated to new places!

The ReactOS server is finally fully migrated now to a new datacenter and new hardware, including mailing lists, webserver with
all its contents, SVN server, etc.
We had to change really a lot of stuff, to make future transfers easier, to prevent "slashdotting" and thus some of you
experienced problems using the website or services during the transfer period. I am very pleased to announce that now
everything is in place and is expected to work as it always did.

There is a note however, for translators and admins, the static webpages are cached now and are
automatically updated every 2 hours. So a change in the static webpage can take as much as 2 hours before it goes "live".

I would like to say Thanks to Ge van Geldorp, who hosted ReactOS website and mailing lists for years. He did perfect job
in tuning the server, keeping it up all the times, updating us on planned outages. It's hard to find a person who is as responsible
Ge is.
And certainly, thanks goes to people who greatly helped with moving the old server, setup a new one (even more than one). The work
on "hot-transferring" the server is incredible and rather unique, and despite it was time-consuming, it was cool.
With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin
ReactOS Project Coordinator

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