06 Aug 2012



ReactOS Presented to President Putin

The ReactOS Project once again had a presence at the Seliger Youth Forum held at Lake Seliger in Russia, with Marat Karatov and Alexander Rechitskiy representing the project. ReactOS ranked third overall of all projects presented at the Forum, but after Alexander and Marat had already left after having completed the presentation, the project was informed that the Forum wished to present the top projects to President Vladimir Putin. This caused some complications as Aleksey Bragin, the project coordinator, had been on vacation and could not make it back before the security lockdown. Marat however pulled through, taking a bus approximately 2000 kilometers to make it in time. Organization issues however caused further headaches, resulting in Marat being left out of the area where the president was touring. Fortunately, security at the Forum helped clear Marat through. While President Putin was touring the area, Marat demonstrated what can only be described as a fair amount of daring when he called out to the president and requested to present ReactOS to him. Putin agreed, and the project has now presented ReactOS to two successive Russian presidents. Putin responded to the presentation by stating he would think on it and asked if Marat's phone number was on the documents Marat had given him. The answer, "Da."

The project would like to thank Marat and Alexander for the work they put into the presentation at Seliger and Marat for making the day long bus ride back to Seliger in time to present the project once more.

Marat and Putin

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