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Hi Folks, TwoTailedFox here, just giving you guys the rundown on what's happenning with the Newsletter.

Unfortunately, I was busier than I'd intended to be over Christmas and New Years. Being given lots of long shifts bunched together is a sure-fire way for me to feel very, very tired.

Newsletter contents for Issue 10 have been finalised, and I've jotted down every relevent SVN update since the 13th of December. All that needs to be done is add lots of pretty formatting, and pray it's flawless first time around.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2005 was a great year for ReactOS.
The following facts came from the SVN server (thanks to Casper Hornstrup):

  • The core ReactOS code base is now 120MB large.
  • The repository is currently 624MB large and contains ~20500 revisions.
  • ~8000 of these revisions were created in 2005.
  • This mean 39% of the total number of revisions created during ReactOS' entire 8 year history was created in 2005!

ReactOS Website facts:


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