Join ReactOS in Open Source Lisbon 2017

As you may know ReactOS, during this year, has been already shown in Belgium, Germany and Spain in several open source events. We're always looking forward to be part of new events and reach new countries.

ReactOS has been selected by the Open Source Lisbon organization to be part of their event on 28th September. An amazing opportunity to reach a new country ( this is our first time ever in Portugal ) from the hand of the biggest open source FREE event in Portugal.

ReactOS 0.4.6 released

The ReactOS Project is pleased to release version 0.4.6 as a continuation of its three month cadence.

0.4.6 is a major step towards real hardware support. Several dual boot issues have been fixed and now partitions are managed in a safer way avoiding corruption of the partition list structures. ReactOS Loader can now load custom kernels and HALs.

Printing Subsystem is still greenish in 0.4.6, however Colin Finck has implemented a huge number of new APIs and fixed some of the bugs reported and detected by the ReactOS automated tests.


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