ReactOS 0.4.9 released

The ReactOS Project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.9, the latest in our accelerated cadence targeting a release every three months.

While a consequence of this faster cycle might mean fewer headliner changes, much of the visible effort nowadays comes in the form of quality-of-life improvements in how ReactOS functions. At the same time work continues on the underlying systems which provide more subtle improvements such as greater system stability and general consistency.

June 2018 meeting minutes

19:00 UTC


Meeting started at 19:04 by Mark Jansen, as Colin Finck was running late.

  • Point 1: Status Reports
  • Point 2: ReactOS Hackfest on August 16-21
  • Point 3: 0.4.9 release on July 14
  • Point 4: Website developer/maintainer

Point 1: Status Reports

Amine Khaldi is doing the usual, Wine syncs and anything he can help with.

Website upgraded

Today, the ReactOS Website has been migrated to a new Login system and all components have been upgraded to their latest versions.
In the course of that, the user database has also been moved and cleaned from accounts that have never been used.


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