The New ReactOS Website

by Colin Finck | March 21, 2020

Today, I am pleased to announce the launch of the new ReactOS website.
Several old and new ReactOS members have worked on it since Hackfest 2018 with the goal of providing a lean website with a focus on development activity and contributions.

It was born out of frustration with the old site, which made following ReactOS progress unnecessarily difficult. With its CMS also long past its due date, it was decided to create a modern ReactOS website from scratch using the excellent Hugo static site generator. We have chosen a design centered around project news and developer blogs, making it easy for you to follow the daily ReactOS activity.
Contributing to the new site also got a lot simpler: The entire content is managed in a repository on GitHub. Just fork it, write your proposed changes in Markdown or HTML, and open a pull request to let us know about them. You don’t even need to look up the relevant files yourself: We added a direct link Improve this page to the bottom of every page.

To better understand our philosophy, let’s also explain what the new ReactOS website is not.
It is not another clickbait site that is constantly distracting you from the actual content and tracking your every move. In this age of ever-eroding privacy, the new ReactOS website wants to be an example on how to build a website that protects your data instead of sharing it with third parties. As such, the main website works without any cookies or third-party resources, and we have taken technical measures to ensure that. After our cleanup, there is only a single external service left, which is used for spam prevention during account registration and wiki edits.
All in all, ReactOS shall be an operating system you can trust, and this also applies to our website.

We hope that you like our new site, and that it succeeds in attracting the next generation of ReactOS developers and community members.