ReactOS participating in Google Summer of Code 2019

by Colin Finck | February 28, 2019


The ReactOS Project is proud to announce its participation in Google Summer of Code 2019. The Summer of Code program offers students interested in operating systems the unique opportunity to dive into ReactOS development over the course of 3 months and get paid by Google for completed tasks. ReactOS has successfully participated in Summer of Code multiple times in the past. Completed projects include better filesystem support, an improved Application Manager, and a more stable network stack - just to name a few.

Check out our list of ideas for this year's Summer of Code, ranging from kernel-mode drivers and user-mode applications to web services. Also don't forget to take a look at our Student Guide. The best ideas however may be those we don't know about yet.
If you are a qualified student, don't hesitate to get in contact with us via Mattermost and submit your very own proposal via the Google Summer of Code website.
Looking forward to hearing from you!