ReactOS Hackfest 2017 and FrOSCon17!

by vicmarcal | July 7, 2017

The ReactOS Team is proud to announce that ReactOS has been selected to be present in the FrOSCon17 event.


FrOSCon 2017

FrOSCon is a free software and open source event organized by the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (Germany) full of talks, workshops and booths.
Entry is absolutely free so there is no excuse not to meet the ReactOS team live. This event takes place on 19th and 20th August so feel free to book your flights or plan a nice weekend to visit our booth there. Surroundings are wonderful (if you need an extra excuse *cough*).


During the whole weekend 8 rooms at FrOSCon will be filled with lectures and workshops covering from operating systems to IT security. This year even kids can show their own projects to other kids, an amazing way to prepare the next open source generations. Kids are also welcome to visit out booth to discover how awesome ReactOS is...or at least to play with some retrogames...They do love Dave.

Several ReactOS developers have confirmed to be attending the event. It's our first time in FrOSCon but it's going to be really-really special because during the previous week...the ReactOS Hackfest 2017...will happen


ReactOS Hackfest 2017


From 14th to 18th August, a new edition of the ReactOS Hackfest will take place in Cologne (Germany). This time, several ReactOS developers will meet up together in a nice and comfortable loft, working hand in hand on the biggest ReactOS issues to achieve great results as a team. Some of the topics we picked:

  • Finding a nice way to (finally) move from SVN to GIT without creating extra headaches.
  • Move forward in our current SDK directory restructuring.
  • Improve ReactOS self-hosting abilities
  • Extensively test the new USB drivers with tons of USB pieces of hardware.
  • Reduce the number of CRASHED tests in our test suite.
  • Fix Chrome' sandbox and recheck current status of Java and Word.
  • Finish the new ReactOS Apps Manager online platform.
  • Discuss the adoption of .po (or other solutions) for translating resource files.

These are just some of the main goals.  As previous Hackfests, we'll be streaming live at the end of each day to share with you all the news/facepalms/passion. You can join us and ask any doubts you have.

This way we do really hope to have great surprises ready for FrOSCon and show the latest improvements there. Another reason why you shouldn't miss it!