18 Jun 2015



ReactOS gets a Youtube Channel

ReactOS is proud to announce the ReactOS Community YouTube Channel!

Its main goal is to share all of the videos of ReactOS in one main spot. This way, the entire ReactOS community, and the whole world, will be able to see the progress of ReactOS and what it can do. We hope for this channel to become a central place for all the community's contributions in terms of videos.

The ReactOS Community YouTube Channel can also be used as PR to the world. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what videos are worth ;)

If you are a member of the ReactOS Community and you're reading it and want to help, please contact us to find out how. All you need to contribute videos is to send us your email, and once you're granted channel privileges just follow this tutorial:

For the non-members, please subscribe and watch our videos!

Thank you!

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