ReactOS 0.3.0 Released!

by fireball | August 28, 2006

ReactOS 0.3.0 Released!

This release holds a few records - it is the most long-awaited release of ReactOS, it is the release which was preceded by 3 Release Candidates instead of usual 2, and at last ReactOS release never had so much changes since the last one.

This release's main feature is the networking ability - it's the first release where it is possible to download and install FireFox and browse the web, get mIRC (or some other irc client) and get to #reactos to chat a bit with developers. Or install command-line Samba-TNG client via the built-in package manager and use it to share files with Windows, Linux and MacOS X (all of them support SMB protocol)

But there are a bunch of changes beneath the "networking" feature: The kernel, drivers, applications, control panel applets, Win32 subsystem, boot loader, etc, etc was changed, improved, bugfixed and hackremoved. For the detailed overview it's advised to read the Changelog.

The compatibility with applications and drivers is also improved. In order to keep track of progress, the website now features a ReactOS Compatibility Database. It allows to quickly look up the driver's version or some software which has been tested on various ReactOS releases and see how good it performs.

Thanks a lot to our core developers who are doing a fantastic job and to those people who submit patches for various small and big things - it really helps a lot, even if it is a formatting change!

Aleksey Bragin,
ReactOS Project Coordinator