Hello Telegram. A new #ReactOS channel

by vicmarcal | June 17, 2016

Hello Telegram!

Technology keeps evolving and the ReactOS Community growing. We're proud to introduce a new way to keep in touch with ,and updated of, the latest #ReactOS news.

The ReactOS project is probably one of the open source communities with a higher social network impact out there.Our ReactOS Twitter channel and ReactOS Facebook page are updated daily with the latest commits, news, and fixes thanks to a nifty integration with our development tools and, of course, some human care. However some of you were requesting real time talks, and not a per-message contact.

Our first approach to real time talks was the integration of an IRC applet directly in the new website. This way we've helped tons of newcomers and improved the flow that Twitter and Facebook were unable to provide. Although this solution seems to be working for most of you, opening an IRC client or visiting our IRC applet is obviously not handy if you're using a smartphone or a tablet.

Thankfully Telegram has created the "supergroups". A supergroup is a Telegram channel where we can share our ideas, help each other answering doubts and of course having some fun!. All without losing your privacy since there are no personal details shared to anyone. To join our new ReactOS International channel you just need to open the following link (and of course Telegram installed): Join it!

Hope you enjoy it! See you there!