09 Jan 2017



Developer Contract

The ReactOS Project is pleased to announce that it is appointing Giannis Adamopoulos as a paid developer. Many of you will recall that Giannis was one of the developers heavily responsible for getting the explorer-new shell into trunk, working extensively on the shell32 library that it depended upon. The objective of his current appointment is also shell related, and is specifically to work out the remaining issues in proper theme support, an oft requested feature by the community and one of the milestones of the Community Edition distribution. This would not be the first time Giannis has worked on theming, as he was responsible for the initial support that was completed as a Google Summer of Code project all the way back in 2011. While that implementation did work, it was quickly discovered by some of ReactOS' international users that things started breaking down when using a language other than English. With this appointment, Giannis will be in position to tackle this and other rough edges that remained, helping bring ReactOS another step forward in usability and aesthetics.

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