ReactOS will be on Chemnitz Linux Days 2022 (Online event)

by EmuandCo | March 7, 2022

ReactOS will participate with an own booth on CLT 2022. It will be held on this Saturday and Sunday. Starts at 9:30 CET and ends at ~18:00 CET on both days.

The whole thing will be held online and to make you at least feel a bit like you are there in real they once more use the WorkAdventure platform.

We plan to show ReactOS of course and stuff that works. We also plan a presentation on this Sunday at 2pm CET. It will be held in English. (Split up to a HEAVY German accent, a Spanish accent and an USA accent ^^) Topic will be: “ReactOS. What is it? What it can do? What is in the works?”

This time we were asked if we wanna add our own map to the whole event and I thought… why not and made one. There will be a teleporter on our booth while the event is up and running. It’s still not finished, but you can see the first almost done draft here:

If you find problems: Tell me.
If you have some ideas for the empty spots: Tell me.
And as important: If you find good videos to embed… Tell me!

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