CLT 2016 - A short summary

by EmuandCo | March 27, 2016

Hello guys,

After some days went past I will now sum up the main events of the CLT 2016 for you.

The event took place from 19th - 20th March at Technische Universit├Ąt of Chemnitz. This year the team was smaller than the years before and only Thomas Faber and me (for ppl that don't know me: Daniel Reimer) have made it. The hotel we booked was the Hoteloper Chemnitz. Tryin to stay sort of cheap we had a two bed room in deluxe size (at least one of two guys in that team could kill with the noise he makes @ night ^^). Anyways, not to the event itself. The interest in our project was great like every year before, even with the less optimal location we got this year. The booth had a certain size so that ppl still saw it and came by. Quite a few ppl are already known by our CLT booth team and come by every year. (Not only the unofficial ROS mascot ^^). Many ppl who already knew ReactOS asked for the recent work and short term goals we plan to reach. Some even prepared some tests then wanted to run on ReactOS. One guy had a RFID management database software he wanted to try on ROS and was happy to see it running. Some took the CDs with em and started to test at some more silent place. The guys from Midori Browser tried to run their software on ROS and failed due to the GTK bugs we still have. The main point passers-by were interested in and stopped to watch were... GAMES again. Dangerous Dave and OpenTTD were the two titles that caused some nice scenes of Thomas explaining some children how to play TTD and then were busy with the game doing teamwork. We had some news in maybe sposoring matters, too. But these will not be highlighted here yet. I will keep you updated as soon as there is something happening worth telling you. ^^

Some statistics:

CDs given to ppl:

Sa: 72

So: 26

Guests at our booth (at least reading the poster):

Sa: ~250

So: ~175

Guests at our booth (asking questions):

Sa: ~150

So: ~100

As final conclusion: The event was a real success again and I really am looking forward to next year.